moi-et-les-filles Bienvenue! Je suis Julie et ce petit site est ce que j’aime appeler mon refuge de nourriture.I live in Montreal with my husband, our two daughters and our cat Kiki. My two step-kids (my husband’s daughter and son) just moved out of our house, but they still live nearby and visit often. I work as a lawyer and translator in the finance industry, and cooking is not only my passion, but an escape and my way of keeping sane. I could literally read, talk and research food and recipes all day long… You could say that I am a food enthusiast! However, I am just starting to learn about how to take proper photos of my food and I realize that photography is really not my strong suit! I am kind of that person who prepares the food and wants to eat it right away but I the realize Oh wait! I need to take a picture before I dig in right?Please be patient with me, I should improve on that eventually ! I truly like to try every type of cuisine and ingredient. I can get pretty excited when I discover something new and I like to try to integrate it in different ways. My goal is to make sure that my daughters will also be open to various types of cuisines, tastes and textures. Nobody enjoys a picky eater! Without counting calories, I like to eat heathy and I get especially passionate when I find ways to prepare a meal that is not only heathy and nutritious but most of all DELICIOUS!!! I think that the best diet advice that I have ever heard is : « Eat food, Not too much, Mostly Plants ».  In my blog, you will find recipes that are suitable for different diets, such as Paleo, Vegan, Ketogenic, Detox, Fruitarian, Plant-based, etc., but the only real test for me to publish a recipe in my blog is : « Is it really yummy? »…Pleasure and taste, that’s what it’s all about because food must be, first and foremost, delicious, beautiful and satisfying. This is my quest!!

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  1. What a super initiative! It always feels great to create and share. Keep your cooking passion flowing. I am looking forward to trying out many of your wonderful recipes.


      Thank you so muck Kay for this beautiful comment! It really warms my heart 🙂 I am absolutely passionate about cooking and I am so happy to be able to share my passion with others! Thanks for following me!

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