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came across this recipe many times on Pinterest and from various websites, so I would not know who created it originally. It took me quite a while to try it because I thought it was probably too simple to be really good. Plus I was dubious of the cooking time, thinking that there was no way that the fish inside the rice paper would be truly cooked thought.

How very wrong I was! Now I feel like making this recipe ALL.THE.TIME! It’s truly delicious and of course, it’s quick and easy to prepare. You will only need 5 ingredients!

The trick is to not submerge your rice paper in the warm water for too long. It should be still a little rigid when you put it on your work surface. Don’t worry, it’ll absorb the water beautifully and become perfectly soft.

Also, try to cut your fish in equal sizes of about 4″X2″ (or 7,5 cm X 5 cm) and about 1″ (about 2,5 cm) thick. This will ensure that the cooking time will be perfect.

Crispy Fish Rolls
Truly delicious and of course, it's quick and easy to prepare. You will only need 5 ingredients!
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  1. 1 lb / 450 g firm white fish fillets (I used Basa for this, it's wonderful in texture)
  2. 2 tsp Chinese Five Spice Powder
  3. 1 tsp salt
  4. Black pepper
  5. 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
  6. 12 rice paper sheets
  7. 2 to 3 tbsp cooking oil
  1. Cut the fish into 2"/5cm long x 1"/3cm wide pieces, about 12 pieces.
  2. Combine Chinese Five Spice Powder, salt and pepper.
  3. Sprinkle with with spice mix.
  4. Fill a large bowl with hot tap water. Dunk the rice paper into the water for 3-4 seconds, then transfer it to a work surface.
  5. Place a piece of fish at the bottom of the rice paper, per the photo below. Top with 2 coriander leaves, then roll up to enclose the fish with the rice paper. Repeat with remaining fish.
  6. Heat oil in a skillet over medium high heat. Add the fish and cook for 2 minutes or until dark golden brown and crispy. Turn and cook the other side. Repeat with remaining rolls, you may have to do this in a few batches.
  7. Transfer to a serving plate.
  8. Serve immediately, while hot and crispy!
Adapted from Many different blogs!
Adapted from Many different blogs!

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